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Time for a quick travel update while we're having a much-needed restful pause here in London at our daughter's home. We've seen and experienced so much around here as well as trips to Birmingham, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and several ancient sites like Stonehenge and Avebury (above). We've met extended family, friends and several blog-friends, all truly wonderful and generous people, like old friends already. We've had to cut back on some side trips for we realized we are trying to do too much and we still have much to see here in London as well as one more blogger to meet before we leave on the 14th for a week in Paris.

I can barely manage to scribble a few notes in my travel diary each night to capture the impressions of each incredible day. I have much to share. My husband's laptop is still a bit foreign to me as well. As the postcards of the past used to say... wish you were here!

Marja-Leena | 09/05/2009 | 8 comments
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Beautiful! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time.

Thinking of you and all the fun you must be having!

I'm so glad you are having such a good time... somebody's got to!

I'm glad that you have been relatively lucky with the weather, and are enjoying your whirlwind tour. I hope that you are able to savour tastes of London without too much exhaustion before setting off for the wonders of Paris.

I shall think of you as I drive past Stonehenge tomorrow morning.

Thanks, all! We're taking an easier day today (Monday) after a very full one yesterday, for the next two days will be very full with visits to the National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Hayward, plus the London Eye with the family. Olga, we found Stonehenge was fantastic! I wish we'd been able to meet but I'm sure we'll be back again soon if our family continues to live here!

What a pleasure to recognize Avebury immediately. I have had so many picnics there over the years with my daughter and grandchildren, and I have stacks of pictures of it myself. When will you be back in Vancouver?

There could, of course, be an exception to all those "truly wonderful and generous people", you never know. Avebury used to loom large in my legend when I was learning to repair radio kit at the nearby RAF camp at Yatesbury (now deservedly demolished). Wednesday afternoons were devoted to sport and in order to escape the attentions of my so-called superiors I opted for cross-country running which meant a gentle jog over to Avebury. The ring of stones is said locally to be a prehistoric radar station

Anne, how very meaningful for you! But surely you did not picnic in the field with the sheep? We had to watch our steps more than we could eye the rocks, and ran out of time to see the entire circle. We will be back in Vancouver on May 21st.

BB, so Avebury is special to you too, but in a different way to Anne. A prehistoric radar station sounds plausible to me!