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Marja-Leena | 19/03/2011 | 9 comments
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Otherworldly! Would make good covers for novels of the fantastic ...

There's an old lama in Eliot Pattison's Inspector Shan series called Lokesh who finds lichens that have grown into the patterns of sacred symbols. If you've never heard of them I'd highly recommend you look at the first one just to see. It's called 'The Skull Mantra'. Your lovely pictures reminded me.

Rouchswalwe, now that's a great idea!

Susan, I don't know that author and his books, will have to seek them out especially the one you recommend. Sacred symbols in lichen sound fascinating. The book is reminding me of one I have on hold at the library, on the Silk Road, China and Tibet. When I've read it, I might write about it later.

And, oh, are these lichen instead of fungi? I'm not an expert. I think the little grey-green bits are lichen.

Yliluonnollisen kaunista, jollaista silti vain luonto osaa. Näistä todella tulevat mieleen fantasiatarinat...

For a split second, I thought it was outrageous handmade paper!Then I saw the lichens...

Oops, I'd focused on the lichens and forgot the fungi. Thanks for not photographing a slug - this time anyway..

Taina, kiitos. aivan luonnon taidettahan se on. Tälleen katsottuna ilman ympäristöä todella saa erimailman tai fantasiatarinan tunnetta.

Marly, oh yes, I see what you mean. When you see a detail without reference to its background setting, it can look quite like something else. That's what I love about closeup shots.

Susan, you are welcome :-)

so gorgeously creepy. i do think more book illustration is in your future. x

Elisa, you really think so? That would be fun... as a matter of fact I just received my copies of Mercy Island and I'm just thrilled how great the cover looks with my photo (and of course the poetry inside will be another thrill soon to be enjoyed.) Oh, and perhaps you recall I had some other Hornby Island photos published in a book a few years ago: Ancient British Columbia