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Many of us are looking back on the past year as it's nearing its end. Photography having become more and more a passion for me, I like to look through the year's photos. They may be observations of the little things that capture my eye and images that I plan to use in my artwork. Often they are a visual diary of family and friends at varied gatherings, of trips taken, of many walks in the parks, and a record of the seasonal changes in our garden.

While going through them, I was also thinking about the current call for entries for the Festival of Trees being hosted this time by Lorianne. (There's still time to submit with the deadline tomorrow, Sunday, December 30th!) So I took a tree-centric review of the year and found a LOT of images of trees! Here are a few highlights from our garden and from some of the walks. How fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful and tree-filled part of the world.


Cedars covered in January's snow, then February's catkins on the hazelnut tree


March's mossy and leafy new greens followed by April's fat magnolia buds


September's light and shadows in the forest and the red maple leaves of October


Bare arms reaching up to the November sky, then magical trees with December lights

Marja-Leena | 29/12/2007 | 18 comments
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Tuo sammaleinen puu on lempikuvani kuviesi joukosta.

Asut todellakin kauniilla seudulla. Minulla on monesti ikävä mahtavaa magnoliaa, joka kasvoi ensimmäisen Toronton kotimme pihalla.

Onnea vuodelle 2008!

These are delightful, thank you. Where would we be without the glorious creatures? I have been especially delighted with David Hockney's plein air paintings of trees this year.

These are so beautiful, Marja Leena. Thank you for sharing these with us again.

The very best to you and yours at this New Year.

Anna, kiitos! Hyvää Uutta Vuotta sinulle!

Olga, glad you like, and I agree that they are glorious creatures, these lungs of this earth. I didn't know Hockney is painting trees!

Loretta, thank you! And a happy, healthy and creative New Year to you and yours!

Olga, thank you, that's an inspiring project and story! I'd really like to see that painting. Do you know if it's a permanent installation at the Royal Academy?

Wow! I wonder if it's not too late to send hi res images to Apple to make yourself a calendar with these? What gems. Failing that, can I have copies to make seasonal desktop images for myself? :) Or print them out to fill my large picture frames? I have a tree theme in my living room you might have noticed!

Speaking of which, I got a ficus!

Sorry, the painting was only there for the duration of the Summer Exhibition. If you Google Image Hockney and trees you will find more similar paintings he has done and is doing.

Happy New Year, Marja-Leena, and thank you for so many beautiful posts and photos this year, not least of which are these lovely tree pictures. I appreciate your strong positive spirit and friendship so much, and want to wish you the very best for 2008!

Lovely trees. Happy New Year Marja-Leena!!

Joan, thanks, glad you like!

Erika, I'll have to think of a calendar for next Christmas' gifts! Yes, you may have some of these images - next time you come over, you can pick them out. A ficus? - hope it does well in your low-light apartment!

Olga, I will do as you suggest, thanks!

Beth, thank you for your warm words and friendship. The feeling is mutual and I wish you a Happy New Year, too!

Tall Girl, thank you. Happy New Year to you too!

Oh, good idea to do a photo retrospective on trees! Wish I'd thought of that. These look really good all together.

Dave, glad you like it! I just noticed that the Festival of Trees is up at Lorianne's and that she did a great job with the large number of participants!

I love the effect of these trees together! Looking at them I can almost feel blasted with cold as well as a waft, a gentle breeze with the scent of spring.

Maria, how wonderful that you feel, even smell, the seasons from these images, thank you!

Beautiful tribute to the trees of 2007. I'm looking forward to what 2008 grows.

Sarala, thank you! And thanks for visiting. I enjoyed your FOTT post too, as the Queen Charlottes is just northeast of us.