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I have a feeling that there is a withering flowers photo series developing.

Have you heard of tulipomania? It reminds me of the background story of an enjoyable historical fiction novel I read some time ago, but I cannot recall the title or author.

EDIT April 12th: Thanks to a well-read commenter in the next post, I now know the name of that novel: Early Joys by Philippa Gregory.

Marja-Leena | 06/04/2010 | 11 comments
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off-topic: I think this font is a good match for your site, and very readable. A nice break from the usual sans-serif fonts, Arial and Helvetica.

Dave, glad you like it and that it's readable! I'm still not really fond of it but interestingly, I did like it more on a bigger and newer Apple monitor which I work on in the studio, even though mine is neither small or old.

The slight variations in the almost parallel lines have an hallucinatory quality which makes you want to go back to them as I do do now.

Upeita makrokuvia!

Do you mean the great historical insanity that struck Holland? Too bad the lesson wasn't learned permanently back then.

There's something very sensual about tulips in their every form.

Excellent photos, love the play between the light and darks

Joe, yes. Those lines stunned and excited me in the photos for I could barely see them with my own eyes.

Anita, kiitos ja kiva että kävit!

Susan, you mean about the crazy market speculation? Yes, too bad.

Cathy, thanks, yes, I love the abstract shapes.

Withering flowers as series intrigues me. Gorgeous as these photos are might you include black and white images?

"Tulipomania" was new to me. Assuming you're not referring to a rock band with that name. Will try it out on some folks here in Portland, Oregon, where tulip enthusiasm is quite high. Adding it to another new concept just learned, "topophilia," love of place.

Hi Naomi! At the moment I'm considering doing some inkjet prints of these and others. Your suggestion of some black and white ones is wonderful and I will try it!

I haven't heard of a band by that name. It's a period in Dutch history but I like the term for us contemporary gardeners who are crazy about tulips - very much a part of my 'topophilia' indeed. What a great expression!

I came here from the link in Tasting Rhubarb. I love the texture in your photos here.

Welcome, Lilian and thank you! How nice to meet another Canadian via a British blog friend. I've had a quick visit over at your blog and will be back.