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Two quick drawings from my art school days recently came back home to me, one of my then future mother-in-law and one of my future husband. She loved these so I had given them to her. They were framed along with another one I'd done of a future sister-in-law. They were hung in every home she lived in since.

Being behind glass, I had difficulty capturing good photos of these drawings. Finally I tried my scanner by taking the lid off in order to fit the frame over the edges. They are still not accurate copies but suffice as an example of my very early sketch work and shall be my record in case one of our daughters wishes to have these. As I've mentioned before, my late mother-in-law's home has been sold and contents are being dispersed amongst family as much as possible. "Omi" was a wonderful supporter of my work, even purchasing several of my prints which have also come back.

Marja-Leena | 10/05/2013 | 8 comments
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It's easy to see why your mother-in-law loved these drawings and also why she loved you. They may have been done long ago but you were already very skilled at capturing that essential human quality that photography usually misses.

Marja-Leena: They really are very good. Thank you for exhibiting them here.

I love those sketches. They are real family treasures.

Susan, thank you, you are so very generous, always.

Tom, I'm glad you like them. And thanks for your regular visits!

Hattie, glad you like them, and yes, interesting that they've become family treasures. I had no such thoughts when I drew these so many years ago.

How lovely to have them again... I threw away all my early work and later regretted it...

Marly, yes, it is good to have these back. I did give away a lot of my early work, especially the oil paintings which were my focus for my practical honours thesis. I think I may have some slides of them somewhere....

Marja-Leena, I just love that drawing of your dear husband-to-be! I'm so glad you still have it. It's tender and beautiful drawn, and looks like him! (Tried to leave a comment several days ago but failed, sorry!)

Beth, thank you for your most sweet words! This drawing is one of my favourites of him, so I'm very pleased to have it back. (Sorry that you had trouble commenting, I wonder what was wrong....)