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While browsing through some photos from two years ago, I was struck by the one above which looks like a double-exposure but I think it's a combination of views and reflections on windows. I probably rejected it as a bad photo at the time, now it intrigues.

On the other hand, I like the one below for being a rare clear image of some of our tree decorations. Such opposites these two images.... in my reactions to them, I suppose.

We enjoyed a lovely visit with a friend here for lunch and some Christmas baking. Another day nearer to the solstice and midwinter, then it is Christmas. Almost ready....


Marja-Leena | 20/12/2011 | 9 comments
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More ready than I am, if you have time to look back--and I'm afraid the cookies will wait a couple more days...

I like that first photo very much, very mysterious. Your decorations look very Scandinavian and pretty!

Forgot to ask whether you make straw ornaments!

Marly, busy days indeed. I only have time to look back when I sit here for a little break. Now I must go put those guest sheets in the drier... No, I've not made any straw ornaments though I've acquired many over the years. If I had the patience and the right materials, I'd be tempted to make a 'himmeli'.

Lucy, glad you like them. We do have a Scandinavian looking tree with many straw decorations and lots of red (not seen here). Blonds and reds, like our home....

happy winter solstice! there's a flu bug in our house, so decorating for the solstice looked like stringing lights round the little tree we dug up yesterday, at a village tree shop. hopefully christmas will find it a bit more like that picture! xx

Elisa, thanks, same to you! I think solstice is this evening here (just checked and corrected myself). Sorry to hear about the flu bug - get well quick! I still have a bit of a lingering cough from last week. This morning we woke to sunshine and a heavy frost and a scene that looked a lot like the top photo. I took photos of frost engraved leaves and grass which I hope turned out, and gathered more greenery and red berry branches for the house.

A Happy Solstice I wish to you! I've managed to save 2 precious ornaments from Christmas past. Not enough to decorate a whole tree, so I've decided on a fir wreath this year. We used to have a paper angel with a wax face ... I might still have a photo somewhere.

That first one is a very intriguing image with its multiple reflections and refractions. I'm glad you saved it for another look.

Your Christmas tree decorations are very sweet and just what I'd expect to see - charming yet elegant. I especially like the wooden dove. Is it very old?

Yes, the Solstice is as close to now as could be. It's a rainy night here but the day was beautiful and still no need for snow boots at the park. May Peace and Blessings be with you.

Rouchswalwe, thank you and Happy Solstice to you too! How wonderful to have even a few very old ornaments. I'd love to see them.

Susan, yes, second looks can be a good thing, eh. All our decorations have been acquired in our married life except perhaps one or two glass ones of my parents. The wooden dove is one of a group of wood ornaments we picked up at a local Christmas craft fair soon after we moved to Vancouver.

Thank you so much for your good wishes and your friendship. I wish you the same, dear Susan.