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Friend and fellow-artist Olga Campbell has an exhibition up at the Havana Gallery. If you are in the Vancouver area I recommend a visit to see her always exciting work. I am sorry to have missed the opening but look forward to seeing it myself very soon.

From the archives, about some of Olga's past shows plus her book:
Whispers Across Time
Triumph of the Human Spirit
Graffiti Alphabet, the book

ADDED Monday, March 26th, 2012: We went to see this exhibition this afternoon - it is wonderful! I love the sculptures of feet and hands and some heads. The prints on canvas look like paintings, my favourite is 'Luminescence', with a circle and lovely textures and colours.

Marja-Leena | 21/03/2012 | 5 comments
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Thank you for reminding me of this artist's work. I hope that you enjoy the show.

I just had a look at her web page as I don't expect to be in Vancouver any time soon :-) She's obviously very skilled in several media.

Olga (my other artist friend of that name!), I do wish you could be here. Thanks, I'm sure I will enjoy it.

Susan, glad you looked at her website. Yes, she works in a variety of media, working mostly in the sculpture studios next to our printmaking one, but did spend a year with us when I really came to know her.

I would love to see her work. Wish I were coming over to the Mainland sooner but won't make it until April. I do want to get up to Vancouver sometime this year.

Hattie, I too hope you will make it to Vancouver sometime and that we'll meet again.