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left to right: Terry, Marianna, Marja-Leena and Fred by False Creek, looking north at Vancouver's condo towers

Yesterday's highlight was a wonderful visit with blog friend Marianna (of Hattie's Web) and her husband Terry who are in Vancouver for a family reunion and their almost annual visit to the Vancouver Folk Festival. Marianna and I met the first time two years ago so this time our husbands were included. We all felt at home together and enjoyed much stimulating conversation and laughter over lunch at a longtime favourite restaurant overlooking False Creek. Terry took a great photo of us so do check it out over at Hattie's post.

The weather here is usually in its best summer mode between mid-July and mid-August but this year it has been absolutely awful in all the Pacific Northwest the last few days so we were lucky there was a suitable break in the monsoon-like showers. We hope they were able to catch a few of the FolkFest events without getting soaked and cold. Hope to see you again next year!

Marja-Leena | 17/07/2011 | 6 comments
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That's a wonderful picture (and at Hattie's as well) of good friends well met. I'm sorry your weather has been bad but I'm sure it will brighten up soon.

Marja-Leena: Wish we had stayed with you and explored Granville Island instead of going to the Festival.
It was so much fun to be with you and Fred. It makes for a warm memory of a cold place.

Susan, it certainly was a bright spot in the otherwise drab day.

Hattie, yes, it had stopped raining and a walkabout would have been fun. Next time! I'm sure for you Hawaiians it felt much colder than for us locals.

Ah, that looks like a grand time.

It's very peculiar, but we've had many fine days in a row (aside from a few pesky and modem-killing thunderstorms), and that is just not a Cooperstown mode. I think this is the most in a row I have ever experienced here... And I am grateful to you for taking the bad weather.

How very nice to meet "Hattie" in this picture and to see all of you against the Vancouver backdrop (a lot more skyscrapers since I was last there!). Hattie/Marianna is a blogging friend and I feel as if we've met - maybe one day she and Terry will come visit in London in real life?

Marly, I've read about the heatwave in eastern US and Canada, and am glad not to suffer that! I'll take rain over a heatwave, thanks.

Natalie, isn't it amazing this network of friends that we make through blogging, who feel like old pals when we meet face to face?