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Wayne Eastcott: Systems


Another exhibition coming up very soon, by another artist friend and a mentor. Internationally known printmaker Wayne Eastcott will be showing his latest work at the Bellevue Gallery in West Vancouver. This new series, called Systems: New Works on Metal and Paper, explores:

the relationships between nature and technology and how they interact and form the human condition and environment. The surfaces of these works are developed by various combinations of digital silkscreen and hand painted stenciled enamel as well as pigments of mica and metallic dusts applied to either paper or riveted aluminum.

I've had glimpses of some his work in progress and it looks exciting. You may view some of Wayne's earlier works as well as the collaboration Interconnection on the Bellevue Gallery pages.

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Marja-Leena, the links are interesting, but most of all I must thank you for my subsequent discovery of the gallery of Erica Grimm-Vance. I find those images fascinating, and fortuitously something which is helping me sort out something I'm thinking about in my own work.

His work is certainly very unique and I'd love to see his show in person. The materials he uses to build the individual prints sound exotic to say the least. My favorites were the ones with the Japanese names - especially Kojo II.

When I read Olga's comment about Erica Grimm-Vance I went to visit her website. Oh my goodness, her prints are beautiful and exciting but not in the least comfortable - at least not for me. Then again, I'd never describe myself or my art as avant garde.

Olga, Erica Grimm-Vance's work is very powerful and sometimes a bit disturbing. I can see the appeal for you as you both work with the human figure. I hope you will find inspiration!

Susan, I'm glad you enjoyed Wayne's work.

Erica Grimm-Vance's work is emotionally charged and can be uncomfortable as you say. I notice that she uses a variety of mixed media including some kind of x-rays (?) usually on board or metal, but I don't think they are really prints. I really must go see her work next time it's on show.

Going to the opening? Pics?

Marly, yes, we plan to be there. It will likely be very crowded - can't promise good pics but will try!