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Marja-Leena | 06/07/2010 | 10 comments
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I can't remember how strong, but did you know that cobwebs are relatively speaking immensely strong, even the flimsiest?

These vibrate with life.

Light catchers. :-)

Joe, yes, I've heard that.

Hattie, yes, and death too for the little bugs that get caught!

MB! Great to have you visit! I like that: 'light catchers', thank you!

Somehow, that last one could be inside a computer brain.

R, hah! or my brain in this heat!

99! Hah! But I felt sorry for the spiders. My webs (top and bottom) do look like a drug-crazed spider did them. They were outdoors next to wood piles and months old, torn by wind and full of dust and dirt. You should see the ones I vacuumed up in the garden shed!

I had to knock down one of the most perfect webs I've ever seen the other day. The dope spun it overnight directly in the middle of the front walkway into the house. It was either knock it right down or wait for someone to crash through it and start squealing. Such a shame... nice... clean-living... not esthetically-challenged spider... just the sort you want in your neighborhood... only... only... just might've picked a worse spot by doing it directly IN the front doorway. Dang.

99, I've had that happen too! In fact, every morning this time of year when I go out walk in the garden I have to wave my arms out in front of my face to protect myself. I hate getting the webs in my hair.