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We were away this weekend on a pleasant little trip. Some family stuff was happening, so we took a drive up to the Kamloops area of BC. We enjoyed the scenic Coquihalla Highway route through mountains that were already partly covered in snow at the higher elevations. Our trip took about four hours to the eastern area beyond Kamloops. We stayed in a lovely bed & breakfast in the village of Chase on Little Shuswap Lake, run by a very friendly recently immigrated German family. The best Greek food ever was had in a big new Greek restaurant in Kamloops (sorry I did not note down the name). Oh, and we picked loads of delicious McIntosh apples off a tree at the family members' property, so will have to cut and freeze some for pies and apple crisps!

It is always good to get away, and it is great to be home again! The only unpleasant thing was to find 68 comment spam when I went to check my emails and comments! Have you noticed that I recently upgraded to Movable Type 3.11? This has comment approval by me, so those spam comments do not make it directly into the blog, and a new MT anti-spam plug-in just got installed to allow me to easily add the spammers to a blacklist and delete in one step! Begone, scum!

Marja-Leena | 07/11/2004 | 1 comment
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Marja-Leena, I sympathize! I too have learned about non stop spam on my comments section, meaning I have to approve each comment that gets posted (thus a slowdown). Horrible!