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We had a gorgeous sunny day yesterday, perfect for a family gathering to celebrate a daughter's birthday. Today is a fall day with rain, the house is quiet and I'm catching up with a bit of blog reading before we have more company arriving this evening. It's been a busy September so far.

This is mesmerizing and joyful: Pipe Dream. Thanks to whiskey river and blaugustine for this wonderful link.

The above photo is of an unusually brilliant sunset we were able to special order for our visitors earlier this month as we were having a walk in Cates Park, North Vancouver. I know, it's just too pretty!

P.S. Some wild word fun with Buffalo buffalo Buffalo via mirabilis.

Marja-Leena | 17/09/2006 | 5 comments
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Enjoy the rest of your weekend visits!

That's a great photo, both as a composition and in terms of making one long to be there.

Thanks Leslee and Dave!

My sister-in-law is here and leaves tomorrow, the last of the summer visitors. I hope to be able to focus on my own work for a while now, at least I won't be able to use that as an excuse any more, heh!

Breathtaking photo - so serene and it signals the end of another day until we rest and awake to the sunrise. Rest well & relax now, you deserve it. I'm sure not buffalowed by your talent!

Roger, thanks again for your praise! Hope your research project is going well.