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photos by FVR

Oh my! a not-too-shy hummingbird in the catmint next to our table and chairs in our daughter's garden,

and turtles sunning on logs in a pond in the woods where the wedding was held

a recent hummingbird visitor
a raccoon
Hornby's wildlife

Marja-Leena | 15/06/2011 | 11 comments
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Oh! Oh! Felicitations and congratulations from here!!

Very lovely.

Thanks, rouchswalwe and Hattie!

These are wonderful. You know I love hummingbirds anyway and this one is very sweet. The sunning turtles pictures are very sweet.

Marvellous hummingbird shot, how funny the way it keeps its body still while its wings are a blur.

Such a beautiful hummingbird shot! But I love sunning turtles - I haven't been out anywhere to see them this year. Must get a walk in the woods one of these long evenings...

Susan, Lucy and Leslee - thanks, glad you like these shots!

From one extreme to another. I'm impressed that you got hummingbird photos. Only Pete could do better, although I've never seen any of hummingbirds there.

Quick and still, both very summery dear.

Oops, sorry about the double sweet but it took me three tries to get a comment to go through :-) So far no hummers have found their way to my sight but 7 floors up on a city street might be too much for them to manage.

Zhoen, Pohangipete is a pro at wildlife photography and I'm sure he uses a tripod along with endless patience. We're lucky to have hummingbirds here and I try to have some of their favourite flowers in my garden.

Marly, why yes!

Susan, that's ok, though I'm sorry you had troubles commenting. I wonder if you had lots of their favourite flowers on your balcony whether they'd come up to visit?