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weird habits meme

This meme has been going around many Finnish blogs and now I've been tagged by SIKURI (written by a Finnish-American blogger and writer, formerly sananlaskija). I'll do mine in English to open the field since so many Finns that I read have already taken up the challenge.

I'm to list five weird habits of mine and to challenge other bloggers to do the same.

1. I am an artist and a printmaker (what's that?), who also uses the computer in image making (is that art?).
2. I am a blogger (what's that?) and addicted to it.
3. I love my computer (they've always been Macs) - how geeky.
4. I can't read, write, or do arithmetic if there's talk around me.
5. I can't cook in a messy kitchen. (My family can tell you about my complaints about their bread crumbs and dirty dishes left on the counter.)

Anyone out there want to take up the challenge - c'mon!? Send me a comment when you join in.

Jan.18th: Artist Elise Tomlinson has just posted her 5 weirdest habits!

Jan.19th: And here is new art-blogger Daniel North joining in! Welcome, I'm pleased to meet you! I really like what you say about the international connection, "as more of an interactive art project, plus ...the fact that it has crossed the Atlantic".

ADDENDUM: I'm thinking now how great it is that I've gotten comments on this from artists and writers, and two artists have taken up the challenge and posted on their blogs, and wouldn't it be a great interactive project (as Daniel called it) if more artist bloggers joined in? I started out taking this quite lightly, perhaps a bit flippantly, by referring to my being an artist, printmaker, blogger and computer nut as weird habits - that is from the perspective of people who are not into these activities and don't understand or appreciate those who do. But here on the internet I have met so many people who are all of these and we understand each other, so I'm not weird at all! Nevertheless I do have some weird habits I'm sure, even if I don't realize that! Anyways, I'll stop rambling on, and call out to more artists and writers and of course any bloggers to write about your weird habits. If you are reading this and live outside North America and Finland (where it began), please join in and make this a truly international interactive project.

Jan 21st: Read Printfreak's list!

Jan.25th: And another great one from Anna of Self-Winding!


I've been working on this one slowly, one weird habit at a time. Truly, Marja-Leena, you don't sound weird at all. I WISH I couldn't cook in a messy kitchen.

Yes, I've been enjoying your 'weird habits' posts, patry, such a good writer that you are! I don't consider myself weird really, this being a bit tongue in cheek but some other people do, who don't quite understand artists and computer geeks!

I hope that not everything you have listed is weird. I work on a computer too, doing all my design and drawing on there. I use a pc, and have been addicted too ever since my husband showed me the Xerox Star in 1981.
I too cannot read or write while there is talk around me. I cannot do arithmetic without a calculator at all (although I hasten to add that I was very good at maths at school - my brain just refuses to do mental arithmetic).
I suppose the weirdest habit I have is that since the three-day week in the 70s when power was cut off for days every week I have brushed my teeth and done my bedtime preparations in the bathroom in the dark. I acknowledge that that is weird. But otherwise I simply would say that I might be 'charmingly individual' in my habits !

Why don't you take up this meme and write about your weird habits, Omega!? I could have mentioned some rather silly ones, if more were allowed, like taking along a nightlight when we travel so that I can find my way to the bathroom at night, and not have to turn on lights! Then there's my insomnia /nightwandering where I'm making herbal tea, reading, trying out the sofa, checking the blogs (like right now)....and sometimes getting some great ideas for my art!

Hey, I like to clean kitchen before I start cooking, But I might leave it messy after !!! That's weird or . . . (a four-letter word starting w. L a . .
Let us turn all sounds down now and enjoy the results of your art work.!

Hi Marja-leena, I've posted my 5 weirdest habits and have asked others to do the same. This has been fun!

I'm hooked on watching the PostSecret blog/website and have also been a silent participant in yours until now. The meme struck a nerve and I immediately posted my five "habits" on my site and linked back to you. Thanks for the great post!

1. Hey - I can't cook in a messy kitchen, either! I thought it was a Virgo thing...
2. I re-arrange the dishes in the dishwasher if someone else (other than me) loads it. (more Virgo stuff)
3. I can't read, write, or draw, or do anything, if someone is looking over my shoulder.
4. I can't work on art projects in a messy shop or workspace.
5. I can't sleep if there are any lights on - that includes hallway lights shining in through a cracked-open door. (Are these really habits or quirks?) :}

Welcome Daniel and thanks for joining in on your blog!

Jackie, sure you don't want to post these on your blog instead? I'm like you #1-4 and I'm Aquarius! Weird or quirky? I don't know,

Another weirdo joins in. Good fun this, you have generated some interesting answers.