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And, of course, since I love rocks so very much, I had to capture these handsome ones on one of our favourite beaches during our recent west coast holiday.

Marja-Leena | 31/05/2010 | 11 comments
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Seaside sceneries are sooo wonderful!!

ooh I am enjoying these shots of coastal rocks and pools. longing for the sea a bit at the moment - it's almost like being there...

Leena and Fire Bird - I'm pleased you both enjoy these photos.

Kauniita kuvia. Tunnelma on myös kovin suomalainen. Me suomalaisethan pidämme kallioista ja kivistä.

Hei Anna! Olen samaa mieltä että suomalaiset pitää kallioista ja kivistä. Lapsena Manitobassa kesäpaikan seudussa oli kallioita ja tykkäsin paljon kiipeä niitä. Uskon että se on värjännyt paljon taidettani!

Oh yes indeed ~ the West Coast rocks!

R, yes, so battered by the powerful Pacific waves!

these stones are certainly awesome. I agree with the earlier commenter that us Finns love cliffs and stones.

Taina, you still live in the Canadian Shield area, where our cottage in Manitoba was too, and to me it's very much like the parts of Finland I knew.

And parts of Upper Michigan, where many Finns, including my ancestors, settled because of the similarities in terrain and the work available in the forests. We do seem to gravitate toward water and rocks!

Loretta, yes, a lot of Finns settled on both sides of the Great Lakes, in Ontario and especially in Michigan - lands of forests, lakes and rocks indeed!