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photos by FVR

Whew! What a full weekend of travel, visiting family and attending the lovely wedding in the woods of one of my nephews. Lots of talk, hugs, love, reconnecting with extended family and meeting new family. How wonderful and too rare to all be together in one place at one special time. I felt deeply gratified especially to see the cousins all get to know each other again after some years. Back home sister-in-law was housesitting, so still more visiting before she leaves later today. I'm quite talked out, being the introvert that I am, so am presently enjoying a quiet hour or two by myself to catch my breath and thoughts, check my garden, and post a short note here for now. For a little more about our exciting weekend, please look at daughter Elisa's post. More to come later...

Marja-Leena | 14/06/2011 | 8 comments
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Hope that proves to be a happy whirlwind in the years to come... and that there were no bugs in the woods!

unfortunately for my tall girl, and fortunately for the rest of us, the mosquitos focused their attentions on her.

there's nothing like cousins! x

Marly, yes, I hope so too. The bugs seemed to only bother some of the young ones. I noticed some bug spray in use...

Elisa, I thought both tall and small suffered the itchy effects of bites. I'm happy you got to see your cousins this time!

Delightful hand ballet!

Joe, "hand ballet" - I like that!

It may have been a bit itchy out there at the time but the pictures are very romantic. That's what will be recalled in the future.

Lovely cryptic photos, very original and atmospheric!

Susan, yes, we do remember the best parts.

Lucy, thank you.