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I'm very proud to share my grand-daughter Lael's 4th annual Winter Story, done with a little help from mommy and daddy, of course. It's now on a special blog so you can see the past winter stories as well, should you be a new reader. Enjoy!

Our family will soon be gathering together in our home. We will have our Christmas Eve feast followed by carolling by the piano while we await Santa's arrival. He always comes to the homes of Finns and Germans first, you know.

Merry Christmas everyone! Iloista Joulua kaikille!

Marja-Leena | 24/12/2006 | 10 comments
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Back on the mainland just in time to catch your two latest entries Marja-Leena. Wishing you and all your family a very Mele Kalikimaka & our blessings for a wonderful New Year. We'd like to extend our warm regards to all your other readers as well. I thought I saw St. Nick surfing in Kauia but it must have been the passion fruit I was eating. I know he lives in Lap Land so we'll be tracking him on Norad as he circles Mother Earth. Mahalo for enriching our lives and we'll chat again soon. Aloha

Merry Christmas Marja

Great story, I loved the extra big parcel! Have a wonderful time.

Hyvää joulua!
Ei meillä ole Helsingissä lunta. Maa on vihreää. Joulupukin täytyi lentää amerikkalaisittain ilmassa rekineen.

Marraskuussa tuli vähän lunta. Sitä on kuvassa, jonka laitoin Photo Friday'iin.

Kiitos kiinnostavista kirjoituksista. Olet siltana kahden mantereen välillä.


Hi everyone - peeking in here late Christmas morning! Christmas Eve was wonderful though rather exhausting (all the cooking and eating part). We slept in and enjoyed a quiet simple breakfast. We'll be going to one daughter's (with grand-daughters) this afternoon for more food and play.

Roger - thanks for all your wonderful wishes - glad you made it home safe and rested from Hawaii. Hope Santa was good to you and yours and you are enjoying the day!

Cathy - thank you! Hope you are enjoying the holiday!
Anna - glad you like it! And a wonderful day to you and yours!

Anna Amnell - Kiitos kommentista. Täälläkin on vihreätä, paitsi vuorilla on mahtavasti lunta. Mutta sehän on tavallista meille, mutta eritääin outoa Helsingissä! Ja Sinäkin olet ns. siltana kun kirjoitat joskus elämästäsi Kanadassa. Minulle on mukava pitää yhteyttä Suomeen blogien kautta. Toivon jatkuvaa Joulun iloa Sinulle ja perheellesi jouluviikolla.

Great story and drawings — I especially loved the triangular windows! Merry Christmas!

I wish this drawing was a Christmas card! I would buy it! Love the story, too. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family, Marja-leena!

MB - thanks so much!

Patry - I'm happy that you love this, and thanks for the wishes. Happy New Year to you and your amazing family too!!

Kiitos joulupostauksistasi, ja oikein hyvää uuttavuotta!

Sikuri, kiitos ja Hyvää Uutta Vuotta Sinullekin!