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Our granddaughter Lael's annual Winter Story has become her family's traditional Christmas greeting to all their family and friends. As always, Lael (now 7 years) does the delightful drawings and tells the story. Her father creates them into an animation. I'm so proud to share this year's story here. Stay with it and listen to Lael sing at the end. Check out the past winter stories as well. Enjoy!

Marja-Leena | 25/12/2007 | 12 comments
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Aivan ihastuttavia tarinoita! Voinko mainostaa näitä omassa blogissani?

This is great... I really enjoyed putting on the arms and eyes etc... Great team work from Lael and her Dad.

Hei Tuima, kiva kun mielyttää! Ja kyllä saat panna omaan blogiin, kiitos paljon!

Tall Girl, glad you enjoyed them. Will pass on the compliments to the creators!

How adorable!!! When I have time, I'll at the other stories too.

That was fun. Thanks.

What happened next?

Cathy, Dave and Joe, thanks! Lael will be very pleased at the interest, and your question, too, Joe :-)

What a delightful story!! Thanks!!

That's so cute! You have a talented family. I assume that's Lael singing at the end?

Joan, glad you liked!

Leslee, yes, it's Lael singing, and thanks!

That's so clever, bravo!

Lucy, glad you like!