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Winter Story 2012


Granddaughter Lael's annual Winter Story is now up! Daddy does the difficult part of animating her drawings, as he has done since 2003. Lael's family sends this unique greeting out to all their friends and family for Christmas - a unique card, I think. You can see past Winter Stories at the site, if you haven't seen them before. Enjoy!


Meanwhile, we are enjoying having the whole family here, ten around the table when all are present. Son-in-law J arrived from the UK on Friday 21st; eldest daughter and husband arrived on Sunday 23rd from east of Kamloops (5 hours by car from Vancouver). We've been feasting since, first with R's fabulous butter chicken, then ham for Christmas Eve. Tonight is R's deboned turkey. All the family pitches in with many delicious vegetable dishes, baking, eggnog and more so this grandmother isn't too worn out. And Santa was very good to us last night. Oh, and he made a second visit early this morning as he forgot to leave some things for the grandchildren.

As you know, we celebrate Christmas Eve in the Finnish and German tradition with a feast followed by caroling while waiting for Santa. I goofed with the top photo of Lael playing her violin but loved the effect.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Jule however you celebrate it!

Oh, and this is most timely: the Anthropology and Archaeology of Feasts

Marja-Leena | 25/12/2012 | 3 comments
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Genial! that "goof" as you call it is really some Jule magic! I can see and hear the music!

Your Christmas sounds heavenly. I overate yesterday, but it was worth it!
We are not musical in my family, except for me, so music is not a big part of our celebrations. I envy you that.

Rouchswalwe, yes, a goof turned magical, how lucky can one get? Glad you liked it.

Hattie, one always overeats at this time of year. The music gene from our parents skipped Fred and me, but the daughters and granddaughters sure have it and provide so much pleasure on Christmas Eves, even as it's all impromptu.