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winter sun and frost

We have had several days of sunshine at long last. As often happens here when the cloud cover is gone, it gets quite cold. At night it's been as cold as -5C (23F) so there's frost on the skylights in our unheated solarium, and a thick layer building up on the shady areas of the lawn, looking like snow. Each night the full moon has been a brilliant platinum disc creating patterns of light on the floors indoors so I have no need of lights in my night crawls, just a mythical feeling. What a difference a clear sky makes.


Granddaughter Lael thought these frost fractals on her window look like birds. (Photo by Elisa Rathje)


We did not have frost art this time, just solid white, but the morning thaws created interesting patterns.


Frozen puddles are irresistible to children - and photographers.


I love the sun shining into the kitchen in the morning.
This morning's cloud in the east gave a brief and glorious show of colour.
And the sun is back now.

There's a chance of snow this weekend - I hope so!

Marja-Leena | 24/01/2008 | 7 comments
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She's right, they do look like birds in flight! Glad you're having sunny weather!

Wonderful pictures. I agree with Lael, her frost does looks like a flock of white birds.

Joan, yes, the sun has been lovely this week.
Cathy, thanks.
Glad you both like the frost birds!

beautiful, especially first (feathers for me) and last...

What interesting paths the fractures in the ice make! Hidden messages, hidden maps of possible places.

I see feathers, too, but certainly could be birds. Beautiful. Glad you're getting some sunshine and clear moonlit nights - what a difference it makes in one's attitude. After so much rain, it must feel like such a gift. Enjoy!

Tall Girl, yes, I see feathers there too, birds and feathers...

Joe, I always love the hidden messages, maps and mysteries, so I'm glad you see that too, thanks!

Leslee, indeed it has been wonderful, thanks! The snow started late this afternoon, and I like that too, especially if I don't have to drive in it. I hope it builds up and doesn't just wash away right away.