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I am touched and honoured that author Kate A. Laity has chosen me as one of many women who are 'an inspiration' over at a new women's group blog curiously called Women's League of Ale Drinkers, a repository of creative women.

I'm particularly thrilled to be in the company of a fantastic Finnish musician, Ulla Suokko.

And this after having already been interviewed by Kate last year for Women's Month!

Kate herself has Finnish roots and has inspired me many a time with her blog, Wombat's World, through which we initially "met" (read my blog post about it if you don't know the fascinating story) and her wonderful book of stories inspired by the Finnish epic Kalevala: Unikirja. She now has a delightful book trailer out that makes me want to go back and reread her book all over again. Her first book Pelzmantel has just recently been reprinted by Immanion Press and is on my wish list.

Marja-Leena | 13/08/2010 | 6 comments
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Any honor you receive is very well deserved and your humility is all the more praiseworthy. I'll be glad to check out the links on another day - too much packing done on this one.

Your pictures inspire me everytime I visit. Well deserved and done.

I so admire your painterly touch with your scanned images, Marja-Leena. They inspire me to take up brush to canvas, to see if I can accomplish something remotely close to your work. The attempt is good training for me.

Thanks Susan, Julia and Martha for your generosity.

I think every one of my blog friends out there is an inspiration to me. Isn't blogging such an amazing way to connect, still, even while many have left for other social media?

Writers and artists tend to see the advantage of more considered internet relationships.

Susan, good point, you are probably right. Kindred spirits do search each other out.