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This morning, I was very excited by an article in our newspaper about Writing-on-Stone Park in Alberta, a very important place for me, spiritually and artistically.

Unfortunately, the online version does not include the photos of some of the rocks and of Bonnie Moffet, the supervisor of interpretative services, who is quoted in the article (and whom we met last year). It was interesting to read about the recent opening of "the park's first permanent interpretive centre" and about the petroglyphs and the first nations people who created them. I liked her words: "Our wish here is not just to talk about rock art and rock art preservation," she says. "It's to share with people the fragility of this place . . . and to change attitudes forever toward first nations people."


Naturally, reading all this has transported me back to our amazing visit to Writing-on-Stone last year. I've been revisting this mystical and powerful place again by going through our photos and thought I'd post a few more here. And of course, I want to go back some day for I was keenly disappointed that the guided tour was unavailable the day we were there.


Interested new readers may like to know that I first wrote about my 'obsession' for badlands, hoodoos & petroglyphs over two years ago, followed up with an answer to a query from another blogger 'what are hoodoos?'


As many of you know, some of the images I gathered on this trip became part of my art works since then. Which reminds me... I still have not shown those last works that I completed in the spring! I've been waiting a long time for Erika to design a web site for me, but she was too busy with her final year at art school and then got herself a great job a month after graduation (naturally I'm happy about that)! I had planned to make this grand announcement with the presentation of these pieces based on Writing-on-Stone. Hmm, maybe I should just post them here anyway.

Marja-Leena | 14/08/2007 | 7 comments
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No, M-L, stay with the web site idea. Blogs, as wonderful as they are, are still not visual art-friendly. Your work needs the space and the focus of a well-designed web page. Keep the faith! :)

Wow, what a place that is. I am eager to see your artwork, but PMP has a point.

Peter and MB, thanks for the encouragement! I agree and still want the web site! I'm just so eager to show off these last pieces. I'll have to talk to Erika again about the current timing.

By any means possible -- share your beautiful pictures with the world. As someone who share some of your passion for these ancient artists, I always want more!

Kate, thank you, I'll work on it. Great to have you drop by!

Those rocks are amazing- am looking forward to seeing your work inspired by these.

Dijanne, thanks so much for your comment and for dropping by!! I'm going to have to post them soon. In the meantime, have you seen the earlier pieces in this series, called Silent Messengers: Hoodoos I to V? (You will have to scroll down nearly to the bottom of the page.) They are inspired by the hoodoos near Drumheller, Alberta that I wrote about in the older links here.