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So far December here in southwestern British Columbia has been almost rain free. This week we've had clear crisp sunny days and frosty nights with a brilliant full moon making the frost crystals sparkle like tinsel. It looks almost like hoar frost on some low plants and shrubs, like icing, but crisper, delineating the delicate edges of thin bare branches and turning dessicated fine leaves and seed heads into lace. If we can't have snow, this comes close! Yesterday morning we even had a gorgeous sunrise which I managed to capture here. (Aside: Why do sunrise and sunset pictures seem so kitschy, like velvet paintings, I wonder?) Anyway it set the mood for the day as I tackled the items on my list.

First off, I was back with Kats, retaking photos of one of my Silent Messengers. With a few more tricks learned from practice we were able to avoid many of the reflections plaguing the documentation of the work. (Thank you again, Kats, for taking the time in your busy schedule to do this!) At home, I did the necessary adjustments in PhotoShop and then posted it. Over the next while I'll put up the others, including replacing the first three with better ones.

The focus of the afternoon and early evening was on chores with a nice finale of much pleasure. I met my husband after work to do a bit of shopping (some gifts and a replacement string of lights, the new LEDs), have dinner at a Greek place, then meet his sister on a short stop here on her way south for Christmas. She wanted to meet our now-one-month-old grand-daughter so we went for a nice visit with the young family, joined also by her son now living in Vancouver.

So, gifts have been bought, letters and cards have been mailed. Decorating is still underway and baking must begin. This weekend we will be watching the Carol Ships.

Have a happy weekend!

Marja-Leena | 16/12/2005 | 4 comments
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Marja-Leena, minäkin olen monesti ajatellut samaa noista "liian kauniista" maisemista.

Esimerkiksi meidän ikkunoistamme näkyvät iltaruskot ovat sellaisia, että kukaan taiteilija ei sellaisia nykyään maalaisi. Ennen maalattiin, ja nyt olen pystynyt näkemään, että ne maalaukset olivat realistisia!

Onko mahdollista, että me ihmiset olemme jotenkin rappeutuneet, kun emme kestä sellaista kauneutta, vaan pidämme sitä imelänä (too sweet). Lapsethan pystyvät nauttimaan siitä täysin siemauksin.

Olen joskus maalannut ja arvelisin, että niiden vanhan ajan maisemamaalarien on täytynyt olla valtavan taitavia.

Hyvää joulua!

Hei Pirkko,

Ehkä osittaan se on vähän kyynillisyyttä siksi kun on tullut liian paljon noita sametti maalauksia ja halpoja imeliä ¨mass produced¨ tauluja jotka ei voi sanoa taiteeksi jota saa kirppitorilta ja tavaratalon huonekaluosastoista, ainakin meilläpäin. Onkohan suomessa niin huonoa makua olemassakaan?

maybe the reason the sunrise and sunset look so kitschy. Is because it not the same of being there, feeling the emotion they bring and the camera never really capture the true colors.

Hi Cathy, I think what you say is true. I was also saying to Pirkko that we sometimes get cynical about "pretty" scenes because some of the bad art out there (velvet paintings, sofa art in furniture stores etc.) overuses these kind of scenes.