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Sandwiched between some cold and rainy days, yesterday was a brilliant sunny one, such a pleasure when it's now more rare and cannot be taken for granted. Above is an iconic Vancouver scene that I enjoyed in the morning - note the snow on the mountain tops. Back home in the afternoon, I I went out into my garden with a camera, wondering how much colour I could still find. Here and there are little spots still so I could make the collage below - enjoy!



Today it is raining cold tears, so appropriately for our Remembrance Day. I wear a white poppy in spirit. Can we ever hope for better tomorrows?

Marja-Leena | 11/11/2010 | 5 comments
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Just catching up. What wonderful photos. Grab the color while you can. Is that lower right fruit what we call strawberry guava?

Hattie, it's a creeping and climbing semi-evergreen woody shrub with tiny red berries in the fall, self-sown or by birds, and I don't know it's name. Anyone?

Later: It might be a cotoneaster.

I can't quite tell if the photo was taken from Stanley Park or Kitsilano but it is very nice.

I like the white poppy philosophy.

What pictures! What a contrast to where I have been. Not even a frost here yet?

Susan, it is a photo of Deep Cove. Have you been there?

Anne, yes, it's sure different from Alaska. But your garden on Lummi Island must be still glorious as we've not had frost yet. Are you back home yet?