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One of the photos I took yesterday morning - can you guess what it is? **

Compare it to these photos taken about 6 months ago on December 5th, 2004.

** Check out

Marja-Leena | 12/06/2005 | 4 comments
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It looks like the pool, where you want to jump in for a morning round ?

It looks like the inside of a bathroom shower door. One of those sliding glass ones that fits on to the tub. Am I right? What do I win? ;-)

I followed the link from your Dec. 5th post - "Find out why frost makes branching patterns" - and was amused to discover that, when all was said and done, "Dr. Universe" really had no idea!

Grijsz, it does look like the surface of a pool. Mel (great to have you here!), yes it looks like a shower door. It is actually heavy sheeting rain on our sloping roof glass or skylight, rain that was coming down in a torrent! How do you photograph rain? I was running around trying different shots and found this one most interesting. (By the way, was to give a very broad hint.)

Dave, do you have any idea?