Arts news in Canada

Fairly new on my daily net reading list is the excellent Arts News Canada*, “a digest of national arts news collected from Canadian sources and updated every weekday”. An exciting item today is about Montreal’s designation as City of Design by UNESCO. In addition to the arts news, on the right side is a long list of very useful arts and culture links.

Furthering the arts theme and providing for an attractive page is the presentation of an image of a work of art by a featured Canadian artist. This changes daily, rotating through the submitted works. There’s a generous offer, free to any visual artist living and working in Canada, to have samples of work posted here. Just submit images according to the submission guidelines*. Recently, I submitted an image for a start, and I’ve just learned that it will appear tomorrow. Now I must send in a few more images.

Founder and editor Marianne Lepa deserves a huge thank you from the Canadian arts community for this great service!

Edited 3Jan2014: noticed that I had forgotten to note that Arts New Canada retired some years ago. Links removed.

May 23, 2006 in Being an Artist, Culture, Other artists by Marja-Leena