Biliana Velkova’s exhibition


Another exhibition coming up is the recent work of Biliana Velkova, a recent member of the Art Institute, Printmaking at Capilano College. Here is her show statement:

“Paris Hilton wearing a stretch cotton pantsuit by Dolce and Gabana, Kirsten Dunst wearing a Cloe emerald silk dress, Natalia Vodianova in Dior holding a pink flamingo, these are some of the inspirations behind this collection of drawings. I am interested in appropriating these images into obvious knock offs, which in their own way become original works of art.

The ads themselves portray a fantasy setting or a certain mood, which I am interested in further exploring by omitting the brand itself. The models look out of place, oddly familiar but still misplaced. Similarly, the labels, which are so easily recognizable, feel empty when taken out of contest. Still, the logo is familiar enough and one can easily make their own associations with it. This warholian approach to branding carries my fascination with popular culture and its social applications. What do labels mean in western society, how do they shape our cultural references and where do these high class brands fit into art are some of the questions I try to raise with Knock Offs.”

That’s at the Capilano College Gallery, Studio Art Building 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, Oct 18-30, 2004, Opening October 18 at 7pm.

UPDATE Jan.07.05 Biliana has a website now: Biliana Velkova

October 10, 2004 in Art Exhibitions, Other artists by Marja-Leena