Bonnie Jordan

Another artist-friend of mine, Bonnie Jordan, has been doing exciting, yet very thoughtful and very leading edge digital printmaking for several years. Here are some of her latest works. Images are copyright Bonnie Jordan, used here with her permission.

Journey Series #1 archival inkjet print 51 x 152 cm.

Journey Series #2 archival inkjet print 56 x 152 cm.

Journey Series #4 archival inkjet print 55 x 152 cm.

Bonnie says about her work:

The portrait has been an ongoing theme for me. Through the years this theme has undergone many transformations, each change bringing additional depth and texture to the concept of the portrait. I’ve always been interested in layers – looking beneath the surface of things. Working with mixed media excites me, specifically how that translates to the various print media. Before the advent of the computer I found myself exploring the possibilities of layers through multiple plate etchings. Since discovering the computer I have employed the digital means of exploring layers.

I’m interested in ‘people tracks’. Genealogy has been a great motivator in my art. Family history inspired yet another evolution of my portraits. I love to utilize images that I find through ancestral research, such as letters, articles, artifacts and objects. These objects/artifacts develop into symbols representitive of the sort of ‘time travel’ that takes place within the work. The images here are representative of the ‘Journey’ series, my most recent work.

Journey Series #3 archival inkjet print 49 x 33 cm.

Besides being a practising and exhibiting artist, Bonnie is also a Studio Art Technician in printmaking at Capilano University**, including the Art Institute. We both began the first digital experiments in this printmaking studio in 1998.

We have been in many exhibitions together, the most exciting one being our Traces exhibition at the Pohjanmaan Museum in Vaasa, Finland, also including Steven Dixon, in 2002. The Traces site shows some images of our work and the connections in theme.

Relating to that exhibition Bonnie and I were fortunate to have a great interview by Michael Boxall, editor of Art Alive Magazine at that time, which gives additional insight into Bonnie’s work!

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**Since writing this, the College has since been designated a University so name and link have been updated.
Edited January 15th, 2013 to enable larger views of images. Since writing this Bonnie’s name has appeared several times in various exhibitions, expecially our joint show in Squamish . Apologies for some now dead links.

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