Jean C. Morrison

Jean Morrison and I have been friends and printmaking colleagues for a long time, working together in the Art Institute printmaking studio. Jean has worked in a wide variety of printmaking media, even venturing recently into digital inkjet printing, yet she is best known here for her wonderful cyanotypes.

Jean says of her work: “My interest is in the forms and processes in the natural world and in the artifacts and ceremonies of humanity.” The Nest Series consists of 28 variable editions using cyanotypes with other media, based on the numerous discarded bird’s nests that she has collected. Shown below are two examples from this series. The etching and inkjet print, though not part of that series, reveal her continuing fascination for nests and eggs.

Images are copyright Jean C. Morrison, used here with her permission.

Nest Series #15
cyanotype, etching & collage
38 x 56 cm.

Nest Series #18
cyanotype, etching & collage
38 x 56 cm.

Nest Egg
56 x 48 cm.

Nest Egg II
inkjet print
21 x 27 cm.

In 2000 Jean was one of twelve artists chosen to be part of the “Visions of the North Shore” Art and Heritage Millennium Project. Read about it in the North Shore News and the Capilano College (now University) website, and have a look at this group photo of the artists.

UPDATE Nov.20: See post about her current exhibition

Edited January 16th, 2013 to show larger images and update links, though some have expired.

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