long weekend

We all like our long weekends, and we are having one now with the first Monday in August being BC Day in British Columbia. I was curious to find out if all our provinces have such a provincially designated holiday (ie. not the national statutory ones like Christmas). Here’s what I learned from CanadaInfo:

The first Monday in August is holiday in most of the Provinces and Territories. What you will often find, however, is that its name changes from province to province, and even amongst different regions within a province. On calendars, it is generally labeled as “Civic Holiday” as not to be region specific. No matter what it is called, it is a much needed long weekend to augment the short Canadian summers.

The only other provinces designating it as a Province Day are New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. Manitoba, Nunavut and Northwest Territories call it a Civic Holiday, while Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have Natal Day, and Alberta has Heritage Day. Ontario’s is designated as a municipal holiday with different names around the province. Quebec, Newfoundland/Labrador and the Yukon do not have a holiday on the first Monday of August but have other provincially designated holidays. Newfoundland and Labrador have six!

(Non-Canadian readers may find this map of provinces and territories of Canada of interest.)

So, after all these boring facts, you ask what are we doing this long weekend? After having had our floors refinished, we have now been vacuuming up the fine wood dust, patching walls and sanding wood window sills and trim, some of which have never been finished. After final sanding and vacuuming, we’ll paint the walls and ceilings, and varnish the wood! It’s hot and sticky so it’s early morning and evening shifts with afternoon siestas (or blogging)! It will look fresh and new again after fifteen years of family living!

Gotta go buy some more ceiling paint now! Hope you are having a great summer weekend!

July 31, 2005 in Canada and BC, Culture, Home by Marja-Leena