The Museum Called Canada

Imagine this – an interesting website with a virtual tour about a book The Museum Called Canada. The “tour guides” are “a renowned academic and author with a documented love for unconventional histories” Charlotte Gray and “museum curator” is the publisher of Toronto’s Otherwise Edition’s Sara Angel.

The story behind this unusual book and virtual tour is on The Globe & Mail. Here’s an excerpt:

“Published by Random House Canada, The Museum Called Canada is certainly one of the best-looking books produced in the country’s publishing history. […] The cover is mocked up to be an archive box from a museum, some front pages showing the entranceway to a museum, a coat-check room and the elevator. The 25 “rooms” (that is, chapters) are organized thematically, not chronologically, and cover everything from Canada’s ice age to its position in the modern global village.”

October 13, 2004 in Books, History by Marja-Leena