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My post on artist's and writer's block has had an incredible response with many very thoughtful and interesting comments still coming in. Do read them and feel free to write in if you haven't already. I'm just reminding readers of this because the entry has gone off the page and into the archives under "being an artist" or here. Thanks again to everyone for their participation in the discussion and for giving me a much-needed jump start.

Yes, I'm happy and thankful to say that my block has passed. I've been playing, as many of you suggested. I've taken small prints that were cut from proofs of some collagraphs and woodcuts done in the past and layered these with inkjet prints on clear mylar. This layering technique is one I used in the Silent Messengers series and some of the later Nexus pieces whicht regular readers may be familiar with. They have turned out very interesting and are giving me some hints of possibilities for the larger pieces to come. I wish I'd taken my camera to the studio to take some shots to show you. I plan to sandwich some of the pieces in clear plexiglass, so it will be exciting to see how these will look.

Marja-Leena | 15/10/2006
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