Olga Campbell’s Whispers


I am so glad I made it out yesterday to see Olga Campbell’s exhibition Whispers Across Time before it’s closure tonight.

It is very moving and powerful in theme, a kind of catharsis perhaps for the artist as she explores the loss of family. The work is also very intimate as one looks at images of small photos and details, partly obscured, a suggestion of looking through weathered and worn photo albums and diaries. Most of the sculptural work is small in scale, the many life size or smaller masks of the same face (hers?), the hands, the feet and the small scale figures. The interesting use of textures in all the work enhances the feeling of time and weathering. This is a large body of work in a variety of media within sculpture, paintings and prints (mostly lift and monoprints), evidence of a long journey of exploration and discovery through the act of creation.

The person looking after the gallery told me that the opening, which I was very sorry to miss, was very well attended and the work received with great appreciation. She also pointed out that the guest book was full of comments except for about two pages, something they had never seen in any of their shows in this gallery! Congratulations, Olga, on your success in touching many people with your work!


May 18, 2005 in Art Exhibitions, Other artists by Marja-Leena