snowflakes & scary santa

Today’s blog travels yielded some seasonal treats like this lovely photogallery of snowflakes and some of the science behind these nature’s artworks.

In case you missed it, also have a look at something a bit related – frost fractals.

Thanks to Amy for the snowflakes link on the sidebar at Ever So Humble* along with many other neat links. Amy has been writing this month about winter’s wonders and christmas-y stuff, sharing her honest enjoyment of the pleasures of community, home and family. I should have added her blog to my list of favourite things about Christmas!

Then at mirabilis, another favourite blog, I’m reminded of the history of “joulupukki” – Finland’s Scary Santa.

Try out these suggestions for an eco-friendly holiday

UPDATE: Avoid buying these 10 gifts.

UPDATE: Dec.25.04 Another site about snowflakes and snow crystals

*this blog no longer exists, sadly

December 20, 2004 in Culture, Folk Legends & Myths by Marja-Leena