Tae-Huk Kim

Tae-Huk Kim – Photo by Robert Jackson

The Art Institute Printmaking studio at Capilano University* is very fortunate to have Tae-Huk Kim as artist-in-residence for six months. Kim, as we call him, is a native of Korea who has been studying printmaking in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, under the mentorship of Professor Tetsuya Noda, an internationally well-known printmaker. In April, 2005, he received a PhD in Printmaking, possibly the only degree of its kind in the world. Kim uses traditional Japanese woodblock techniques to create contemporary works on Japanese papers such as Kozo.

Soon after he arrived in November, when unpacking his prints, Kim gave us an informal introduction to his work. Robert Jackson, one of the Institute members, luckily had his camera with him and took several great photos, which he’s kindly allowed me to choose from and post here. We are all looking forward to Kim’s exhibition in the Studio Art Gallery in February and to his talks and demonstrations of his techniques, and I’ll write more then. Kim is very friendly and generous with his knowledge and we are all enjoying having him here. It’s one of the many great things about this studio!

Kim’s prints – photo by Robert Jackson

ADDENDUM and CORRECTION Dec.9th, 2005:
Apologies to Kim for misspelling his name, which is now corrected. Now that I have his name right, Google search results reveal an internet presence to match his reputation! He’s been a prize winner at the 12th and 13th SEOUL-SPACE INTERNATIONAL PRINT BIENNIALs in Korea.

And you can see examples of his work on the websites of two Tokyo galleries : the Shirota Gallery presents the “imperfection in space” series and Yoseido Gallery features several works.

* UPDATE Decmeber 2013: The Art Institute program was cut in May/June this year, so link is obsolete and has been removed.

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