more on Why Make Art

A few days ago I posted a discussion about why artists are compelled to make art. It’s certainly a popular subject. Artist Danny Gregory posted in his blog today “The fundamental question: Why do you do it?”, asking his artist readers to reply. When I last looked there were 31 replies, all very well worth reading.

UPDATE: (April 16/04) So many comments on this subject, and I also want to add more, slightly off the topic but still relevant, I hope:

I believe every human is born creative, look at children! Somewhere along the way, some lose that natural drive; sometimes it’s killed by uninformed teachers who insist on colouring-inside-the-lines-of-photocopied-colouring-book-pictures etc. Partly, the education system is at fault in the teaching of the teachers, but it really is a lack in our society that would need a revolution to change. Of course, not everyone needs to be a professional artist, but creativity is, I firmly believe, an important part of every wholesome well-rounded person. An appreciation for and support of the arts also helps those artists who are trying to make a living.

April 14, 2004 in Being an Artist by Marja-Leena