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Assemblage VI


Silent Messengers: Assemblage VI
Collagraph on paper and archival inkjet on mylar layer
Layers attached together at top edge
A unique assembled print
35 x 28.5 cm.

Marja-Leena | 05/05/2007 | 6 comments
themes: Printworks, Silent Messengers


Ah simple wonderful. Were you trying for water or a sea feeling for this one?

Cathy, glad you like it. In all honesty, I don't know what I was trying for while I was playing with the layers. Sometimes, it's the surprises of the unanticipated, almost unplanned that can result in something that feels like it really works together. The beauty of this series of little pieces is that I already have the materials, the cut pieces of various proofs from earlier works, which can be juggled around and played with until I find that moment of serendipity. If this piece suggest water to you, that's wonderful.

I love those blues!

Leslee, you DO like blues :-) Thanks for dropping by.

Me too! ;-)

MB, you too! :-) I must tell you that I don't often use much blues in my work, home or wardrobe ( except jeans). I tend to like the earth reds and greens, as you may have noticed.