A Work in Progress

(Detail of a deeply etched copperplate)

This weblog has been online for just over three months and what an exciting time it has been for me. I have learned a great deal and met many great bloggers and readers and had very positive feedback, thanks everyone! The writing has helped me focus my thoughts about my work and the many things that interest me and therefore influence the work. It provides a place to keep all the fascinating information that I have gathered over the years, and still keep finding.

The site design has been undergoing some improvements as I go along and understand the process more and how best to arrange my information. I wished to separate some of the “professional” area from the blog themes or categories, so those interested in viewing my work can access it more quickly. To that end the contact link, cv, and recent exhibitions are now under “Marja-Leena” and my prints, and the statements about them that I hope to add soon, can be viewed under “Printworks” within their series. Also I can now access my links list and add a few of my favourite blogs over time. Let me know what you think, or if you discover any errors in navigation (sorry!) …I’m still fine tuning.

A big thank you to Jonathan for suggesting I do a blog, teaching me so patiently, for designing the site, and rearranging things everytime I change my mind!

May 3, 2004 in Being an Artist, Blogging by Marja-Leena