Award-winning Estonian printmakers

In some recent correspondence with friends Virge and Loit Joekalda in Tallinn, Estonia, I learned that Virge has won her country’s prestigious Eduard Wiiralti Young Artist’s Award for 2004. They sent a large format PDF catalogue of the Awards, which is so inspiring that it has made me want others to see it. A few examples can be seen here. One of Virge’s drypoint prints is on the bottom of the page.

The link to download the catalogue (PDF) is on the middle of the page. Though it’s quite large, it is worth a read and a look at the various award winners’ works. The English introduction begins on page six, including an explanation of the triennial award competition, and some descriptions of some of the works and their creators. Here is what is written about Virge’s work:

To a large extent, the title ‘Organograafika’ (organic graphics) could be applied to Virge Joekalda, whose energetic, as if flowing, simultaneously emotional and powerful forms reflect the dynamics of nature. Virge Joekalda has preferred dry-point technique for years; for the accomplishments in this field, she won a prize at the World Print Festival in Ljubljana in 1998. However, once again it should be pointed out that not her previous achievements but the works ‘Minu aed VI (My Garden) and Metsik aed I and II (Wild Garden) (2003) with their elegant laconism, successful colour resolution and direct expressivity gave her the Young Artist Award. Look for her gorgeous prints on pages 29 to 31.

Interestingly, the first award winner in 1998 for Senior Artist was Vive Tolli, whom we met at an art opening in Tallinn in 2002 and learned that she was Virge’s teacher! See her work on pages 18 & 19.

Digital printmaking is on the leading edge in print competitions around the world, so it was not surprising to find that the Young Artists’ Award in 2001 went to Ulle Marks and Jyri Kass for their “Jalg I-III (Trace)”, who “used a sensitive language of the human body. […] The same works were granted the Gyor Prize at the VI International Drawing and Graphic Arts Triennial in Gyor, Hungary, in 2001. Their cooperative works were also awarded at the Krakow Print Triennial in 2000, and at the Tallinn Triennial in 2001.” See pages 24 & 25.
And, congratulations again, Virge!

May 4, 2004 in Digital printmaking, Other artists, Printmaking by Marja-Leena