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a busy week


After a coolish beginning to September, we've been enjoying glorious warm sunny days, sometimes even as hot as 27C (80F). Last Saturday I spent one long day outdoors doing garden chores. On Sunday, we met a daughter and the granddaughters on their little bike and trike at Mt. Seymour's forest trails for a long walk. There were numerous people walking, jogging, cycling, and roller-blading. I was the slowpoke as I frequently stopped to photograph the gorgeous forest - there just may be a future post for the next The Festival of Trees.


After the two hour forest walk, we drove over to West Vancouver to deliver my work to the Ferry Building Gallery, then went walking around for quite some time before we could decide on a place to eat. Afterwards we had another long walk heading further west along the busy seawall, to watch the magnificent sunset. Then another long walk back to the car to head home, very tired but happy.


Last night we attended the opening of the invitational show that I'm in, Making An Impression. The small gallery was so packed that we could hardly walk around and see the work, and the noise was incredible. At one point I had to escape outside for a walk to the nearby Ambleside Pier for some sea air and some quiet. The show looks great. The photos are not really worth posting, just masses of people blocking any good overviews of the show. If you are in the area, I think it's really worth a visit. It continues until September 29th.

Over the next few days, there are two or three more exhibitions I hope to see, two of which are coming to an end. We're also attending RETURNS. So, whew, it's suddenly a very busy time. As happens every September, my free time feels squeezed as I spend more time making art and seeing art after a lazy summer.

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What a lovely way to be busy

TG - I did highlight the loveliest events, didn't I? Funny how nothing happens for weeks then suddenly there's something on almost every day this month. It's hard to find time for those everyday jobs, and for blogging. This evening, I'm going to see some exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery with a daughter - we both left it for the last week they are up!

Glad to see that you are finally having some nice weather! I love the photo in the middle.

Leslee - we often get lovely weather in September, after a few cool days just when school begins. The forecast says it's going to get cooler though. And that's my favourite photo too.