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first short-lived snow on the mountains, October 27th

In the printmaking studio this morning, I'm thrilled with the first large proof of my new print!

Over town this afternoon for an appointment, then joined by husband. We met his sister who is here from the Island for the weekend. Joined by Erika, we all went to a Lebanese restaurant for a fabulous meal. (Our first ever Lebanese meal was in Montreal this past June!) Home this evening for more tea and conversation, then early to bed, tired from our respective full days! This is all I can manage... good night, all!

Marja-Leena | 05/11/2010 | 5 comments
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I heard that already couple of weeks ago it snowed more on Cascades in Oregon. At least couple of my friends were already planning a skiing trip up there.

But I don't know if it worked out, because new snow is often powdery and it's not easy for downhill-skiing.

They promise snow for tonight for here in Western Finland. We don't have any yet.

Good luck for your prints! And yes, now we have the kekri, not last week like you did!

On the occasions my travels take me to Dubai, my one pleasure, apart from the lovely friends I've made, is the Lebanese food we feast on.

My main contact hails from a small Lebanese village and studied in Beirut before taking a job overseas. He's passionate about home and is very generous when it comes to helping me understand the culinary delights that await!

Very much looking forward to seeing your new work.

Ripsa, Whistler, the ski resort north of here and where many Olympics races were held, had quite a bit of snow recently. I don't know what the situation is now, whether skiing is open yet. Is Western Finland, especially on the coast, usually a little warmer and wetter and less snowy than the east?

Thanks for the good wishes on my print - it needs just a little tweaking and may then be ready to edition. I have two companion pieces to work on as well and hope to get all done before the end of this year.

J, how great to hear from you! Having a native introduce you to their food can't get any better, how fortunate you are. Next time you are in Vancouver, you'll have to try this place and see how it compares. What we had in Montreal was very different and also excellent. As for my work, thanks! I've been very negligent in posting my past year's work here, never mind the new pieces I've been working on. I must mend my ways!

Brr! But I envy you your city pleasures.

Hattie, actually it's been fairly mild here except for those few stormy nights, and I don't mind cooler temperatures - though for you it's probably too cool. We need to partake in more city pleasures - we've been lazy and enjoying home comforts the last while. Having appointments and visitors gets us out and about ;-)