a muddle


I seem to be putting up a lot of photos that I have used in my prints (such as above from Hornby Island), or think about using in future work. For awhile I’ve been thinking that I should have been putting them into their own special category, instead of having them scattered in various places. One reason is to make them more accessible for me in terms of reference, ie. have I put this one up before and what did I title it? I want them to be separate from garden, travel, visited exhibitions and other photos that I put up here. Sometimes there’s the tricky question of the fine line between what’s an “arty” photo and “just” something pretty – really about it’s future purpose, if any.

After over three years of blogging, I think of better ways I could have organized everything instead of being stingy with my list of categories. But how does one know in advance what category one will be needing? This blog has evolved and grown from a child into an ungraceful teenager. Or, like an overstuffed chaotic closet or granny’s attic that needs to be re-organized. However the digital version feels more overwhelming a task than than that closet or attic. Is there an easy, simple way to add a new category to past posts after the fact without going through each and every post and going mad with the confusion?

Ah, that’s the moaning and groaning of an insomniac. Two hours of sleep does colour one’s world a bit grey. I like things to be organized and when they are not, they come and bite me when I’m too tired. Time for a nap.

May 23, 2007 in Being an Artist, Printworks, Rocks by Marja-Leena