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a snowy weekend


The first and second days of December brought us the first major snowfall of this winter thanks to a cold front from the Yukon. The brightness and whiteness was lovely while it lasted, putting us into the Christmas mood a little.


Erika was staying over and put up all her gorgeous paper snowflakes on our windows.


I lke the pattern of the snow on our stone driveway,


the austerity of this snow-covered park bench on bricks,


and the design and shapes on this beach.


I felt sorry for this huddled up heron (is it a Great Blue?) sitting on our neighbour's railing.

A battle of weather fronts began this afternoon with the tropical front from Hawaii winning out and bringing rain with rising temperatures. How disappointing. Monsoons overnight, it's going to be a mess tomorrow morning, with a flood watch as well! Snow hit most of Canada so winter has arrived.

Marja-Leena | 02/12/2007 | 11 comments
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oh - wondrous snowflakes
creating winter beauty
on the window pane

Yes, it's a Great Blue.

Yes, that is a Great Blue! Too bad the snow will melt. It is always so gorgeous!

Such lovely patterning in these pictures.

Olivia, your haiku poems are always appreciated, thanks.

Peter and Joan, thanks for confirming that this is indeed a Great Blue Heron. I've seen it hang around the neighbour's pond in the summer but it was frozen the past week or so. The way it's so huddled up trying to keep warm made me unsure of its identification, as I wasn't sure if they stay here in the winter. Apparently there's a big rookery of them in Stanley Park.

Lucy, thanks. Yes, the patterns here and there attracted my attention. It was rather hard taking photos while balancing an umbrella to protect the camera!

This morning, all the snow is gone, washed away by the massive amounts of rain delivered by the Pineapple Express.

I feel like that bird - so cold here. We had wet snow last night, then a bit more this afternoon, then it all froze up this evening. We've been spoiled til now. Sigh. It is pretty, though.

Tell Erika her snowflakes are beautiful! Poor Blue Heron, he's look just meserable.

Nice thing about snow in photos, it's sometimes strips everything down to it's simple forms or patterns. And other times, it seem to call attention to the details you have been missing.

Nice pictures, M-L.

Leslee, it's amazing how many areas have been having their first major snow at the beginning of December. Enjoy, and stay warm!

Cathy, thanks, I will. And you are so right about the effects of snow, don't you just love it?

Dave, thanks!

Snow, sigh
Here only grey sky

Oh, Mouse, don't envy us for we have very grey skies and torrential rains. No snow left as of Monday morning. This Pineapple Express has caused flooding and I'm now stockpiling water.