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This morning, as I flipped the calendar pages over to the last page, it hit me that it is now December or Joulukuu (Finnish for Christmas month). So much to do and what do I do today instead of writing cards or making lists? Reading blogs and browsing for calendars!

I was inspired by my Finnish blog friend Viides rooli’s post today about an online advent calendar and by the memories it brought back.

How many of you, my dear readers, had these secular advent calendars made of card with little windows for the first 24 days of December? Each day a window was opened and a little chocolate treat was enjoyed. What anticipation counting the days to Christmas! We had these every year for our children when young. I kind of miss them now but they don’t seem as nice as they used to be so I don’t bother for us grown-ups.

Online advent calendars are such a delightful alternative so I ended up browsing through my blog and my bookmarks to find past ones that I’d gathered. Most were dead but here are some Finnish/English ones that are enjoyable, especially if you have some young children in your life to share them with. They help me get into the Christmas mood, especially since our weather is still too warm here. (I need snow!) I will send this link to our granddaughters who are in London at present. We’ll all be counting to the 22nd when they fly back here for Christmas.

Positiivarit Christmas Calendar 2008* with music. The first song is in Finnish, a popular children’s song that I remember singing as a child in a group, wearing elf costumes and dancing around the tree, awaiting Santa at the annual Finnish Pikku Joulu or family Christmas Party.

Kidzone Finland calendar*
Aura Library Christmas calendar
Interactive customizable advent calendars
Virtual Finland* has a selection to browse through.

Do you have some favourite advent calendars you’d like to share?

* denotes expired link which has been removed, sadly

December 1, 2008 in Culture, Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric by Marja-Leena