Alberta Trip Day 4

(photo – Galt Museum)

Husband had a work meeting on this day, so I had a lazy start then went out walking about Lethbridge. It was spitting rain now and then so my normal Vancouver garb was useful. I felt somewhat like an oddity when I noticed that people don’t walk here much, just a few down-and-out looking guys in a park. It’s a safe and clean city but everyone drives. I did a bit of shopping, something I rarely do at home, and visited the museum and the art gallery.

Galt Museum is located next to the coulee with a panoramic view from the huge windows of the new addition, built out behind the original brick building. I enjoyed the two exhibits. Exploring Southwestern Alberta (view the picture gallery) was most interesting especially the history of the First Nations people and the Japanese who were interred here from the West Coast during the Second World War. Fifties Forever was a light-hearted look at that decade – geesh, things were pretty tacky back then! I was a little disappointed that there was only this one large room to see with all the new space here, but it looks like they are still working on that.

I like looking around the gift shops in the art galleries and museums in places I visit for an interesting souvenir, or maybe a birthday gift for a friend or something for our “kids”. Certainly there were lovely pottery pieces, jewelry and children’s toys, but this time I found the perfect little book for me: Stone by Stone, Exploring Ancient Sites on the Canadian Plains by Liz Bryan (2005, Heritage House, BC). It even has a few pages on Writing-in-Stone.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery also had two exhibitions (click on ‘past exhibitions’). Art’s Alive and Well in the Schools made me happy because I believe all children are creative and that schools must nurture and develop that creativity and this exhibition of children’s art is evidence of that. The other exhibition Jeff Thomas – A Study of Indian-ness was a photography exhibition with a very unique and thought-provoking approach that stimulated one to think about the lives of contemporary First Nations people and some of their thoughts about their place in today’s society.

In the evening, we met friends who kindly drove in all the way from their farm near Pincher Creek to share a lovely dinner in a Greek restaurant. (We had dinner with another friend last night too.) So our stay in Lethbridge was short (three nights), very exciting (Writing on Stone) and sweet (a great time with friends). The next morning we headed back west.

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June 25, 2006 in Being an Artist, History by Marja-Leena