almost September


The last of the summer’s visitors are gone but this late summer heat wave still slows me down. My thoughts are swinging to my return to the printmaking studio after the Labour Day long weekend in September. Many ideas have been incubating over the summer but now I need to try to see what comes together in new printworks. It’s always a slow process for me to restart that engine, turning ideas into action and getting into a regular smooth and productive flow. It’s rather like the annual back-to-school change in rhythm which we have all grown up with, and which continued for me through art school and teaching, then sending my own children to school and me to the print studio each fall.

It helps me to begin with some play with images, even if unrelated to the print projects. I am doing a series of scans with my hands and objects (for an online project that I may tell you about later). This image seems timely for me right now.

August 26, 2011 in Being an Artist, Human, Photoworks by Marja-Leena