An Art Full Week

What a busy week this has been, making art, seeing art and meeting artists! I finally completed editioning a group of prints that took me several months to develop and print many trial proofs. I’m testing another hanging method (not a frame) and I hope this will be resolved next week. The prints still need to be trimmed and assembled, signed, documented and photographed. Then I will post them here for you to see. After a slow January and February, dulled and lacking motivation due to a long running flu, it has felt good to be productive again this month. So I felt pretty high with a sense of accomplishment this morning.

After my morning in the printmaking studio, I went to meet artist Pnina Granirer. She had expressed her pleasure that I had visited her exhibition earlier this week and blogged about it, and thus wished to meet me. I was thrilled to accept an invitation to her studio. I felt instantly comfortable with her and we had lots to talk about as she showed me her work and her spacious studio with a water and mountain view. I learned a lot about her processes, our mutual love of rocks, experiences with galleries, and much more. Thank you, Pnina, for your generosity! Once again, blogging opened another wonderful connection and friendship.

I also managed to see Janet Strayer’s work at Enigma which is in the same area of the city. It looks very colourful and adds a European ambience to the restaurant. Naturally I’m biased towards prints, and Janet has several great selections there. A couple of paintings using plaster for texture really caught my eye. Congratulations, Janet!

Then sushi with some of my family – thank goodness it’s Friday! Spring is here and the garden beckons this weekend.

March 11, 2005 in Being an Artist, Other artists by Marja-Leena