Annabel Carey’s batiks

Annabel Carey: Nine Stones – photo by John Talbot-Cooper

Some time ago I wrote here about an exhibition of batiks by UK artist Annabel Carey: Spirit of the Stones. I expressed my keen interest in these because of my own love for the subject (the standing stones) and for batiks which I had worked with myself many years ago. I expressed a wish to see more images of her work and was very pleased when I found another blogger who went to see Carey’s exhibition and took some photos.

I’ve just had an interesting email correspondence with Christine Talbot-Cooper in the UK, who has kindly sent me some far better quality images of Carey’s lovely batiks, photographed by her husband John Talbot-Cooper. Christine wrote:

I have known Annabel for many years and saw the wonderful batik collection growing and knew that it just had to be seen!! The spirit of the batiks is quite overpowering and captures so accurately the various moods of the sites – some welcoming, some threatening, but all fascinating!  So I became Annabel’s agent and began to arrange a touring exhibition, which started in the north of Scotland and has now reached the south of England.  Another tour is being planned at the moment as well as a book. It is difficult to know which pictures to send to you as they are all so stunniing but perhaps the two attached give a good idea of the range of the exhibition. You can find some details about Annabel on my website.

I’m very pleased to be able to share a bit of Annabel’s work with readers here, though I’m sure they are even more magnificent in real life. And thank you, Christine – I think Annabel is fortunate in having such a supportive friend as her agent.

Annabel Carey: Stones of Stenness – photo by John Talbot-Cooper

PS. If you are in the UK, see the exhibition in Truro before it finishes on May 13th!

April 21, 2006 in Other artists by Marja-Leena