for mature artists

If you are an artist over 31, or an art collector, do go read the very articulate and ever-thoughtful Edward Winkleman and his post let it be long.

As a mature artist, this does make me feel good and validates my own belief. I vividly recall the time many years ago when I returned to making serious art and exhibiting after a hiatus of starting a family and doing crafts. I wondered then what quality my new work would be, but was very pleasantly surprised that there was a definite maturity to it that had not been there during and immediately after art school! So, if you are a young artist reading this, just keep working hard and honestly and your work will reflect depth and maturity from your life experience. Maybe I have to be 80 before I get a retrospective at the Vancouver Art Gallery, like Takao Tanabe, but so be it!

April 21, 2006 in Being an Artist by Marja-Leena