another hand


Some readers may remember some of the collagraphs of my hands that I made earlier this year for an edition of one of the pieces in the series Silent Messengers: Writing-on-Stone.

I’m now working on some new pieces and I’m thinking of using images of hands again. I’ve been looking at some of the proofs I printed from the several collagraphs I made back then. This one shown above is a trial print of one of the first experiments in taking an impression of my hands. I rather like its ambiguity for the new work.

But I can’t find the collagraph! I’ve looked everywhere at home and in the print studio. It’s small and light and may have been accidentally chucked out with waste paper. So, I’ve scanned this one and only print of it and maybe, just maybe I will use it as a digital image in combination with the other pieces I’m working on. I still want to have some kind of hand printed image as well so we’ll see how this develops. I usually have an ephmeral idea in my head as to what I want, but when I actually work with the piece, I like to be able to respond to what it says to me, to make it ‘sing’.

October 17, 2007 in Being an Artist, Printmaking by Marja-Leena